What Causes Psoriasis?

Find out what causes psoriasis and known psoriasis triggersNow, before we get started talking about psoriasis causes and triggers it is probably worth mentioning that in we don’t actually know what causes psoriasis. The causes that I mention on this list are nothing more than educated guesses from some of the top dermatologists in the world. It is likely to be one of the causes that I mention, but it is nobody a guarantee.

Now, as you may know, psoriasis is a chronic skin condition. Along with Rosacea and Eczema it is perhaps one of the most commonly occurring conditions in the world. Whilst it is a chronic condition that most people will be dealing with for the rest of their lives, it is something which can still be brought under control to the point where it poses absolutely no issue the majority of the time. We will cover than in a second though. For now I wish to talk about the actual causes of psoriasis, or the potential causes at least.

What Causes Psoriasis Outbreak and Skin Irritation?

Immune System Deficiency

As you may know, it is your immune system which helps to protect your body from all sorts of disease and infections. There are a number of components to your immune system. The one which is of most interest those with Psoriasis however is known as the T-Cell. This T-cell helps to combat most infections in the body. However they are known to attack healthy skin cells in those who are suffering with psoriasis. The result is that the body has to produce skin cells quicker to replace the ones that are being damaged and then more T-Cells are produced to combat this infection. It is not known whether it is the immune system that is actually the cause of psoriasis or whether it is down to something completely different and the immune system simply acts that way due to external factors.


One in three people with psoriasis have a close relative who also suffers from it. This means that psoriasis is likely to be the result of genetics. However as of yet, despite a ton of study into the condition, we don’t actually know what gene plays a role in the development of psoriasis. This is because it seems as though different genes are identified each time research is carried out into the condition.

The Most Common Psoriasis Triggers

Natural methods for psoriasis skin treatmentIn this section I want to talk to you about psoriasis triggers. Many people will find that their symptoms of psoriasis get a lot worse, or perhaps even start to develop, after a certain event in their life. These are known as triggers. Many people find that by attempting to avoid these triggers they are able to get the condition under control. It is worth noting at this point that triggers are NOT the cause of psoriasis. If the condition does start to appear as a result of one of these triggers then it is likely down to the fact that the psoriasis was lying dormant for some other reason:

  • Hormonal changes are a huge one when it comes to psoriasis. They tend to be more prevalent for women with many noticing symptoms as they hit puberty or go through the menopause. Very few men are actually impacted by hormonal changes.
  • Many people find that their symptoms start to appear for the first time after their skin becomes injured. Pretty much any injury can actually lead to psoriasis. This includes cuts, scraps, bites, or even a burn.
  • Alcohol and coffee need to be avoided if you are dealing with psoriasis. They can cause a flare-up pretty quickly.
  • Smoking is another factor which may actually cause psoriasis to appear. It will most likely not surprise you to know that many psoriasis sufferers out there are actually smokers.
  • Stress is not something which tends to trigger the condition the first time around. However it can have an impact if the psoriasis has already made itself known. Those who suffer from regular amounts of stress tend to have slightly more serious symptoms.
  • As this is likely to be a condition of the immune system many immune system conditions can actually cause the psoriasis to appear for the first time. This includes conditions such as HIV with many sufferers having to battle psoriasis symptoms from time to time.
  • There are various medications which can actually contribute towards psoriasis. Your doctor should be able to inform you of these medications if you are already suffering from the condition. Ones that you can purchase over the counter include many anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen.
  • Throat infections, particularly in younger children and young adults, can actually lead to psoriasis. This is a very rare situation though.
  • Many foods and drinks can actually lead towards psoriasis flare-ups. If you eat a lot of dairy then you may wish to cut down on this somewhat because it is an inflammatory and that is known to actually trigger the condition in many people, if not make their symptoms far worse than they have to be.

Whilst psoriasis is not a dangerous condition nor contagious it is worth talking to your doctor if you believe that you have the symptoms of the condition. If they think you do as well then they will refer you to a dermatologist. It is important that you take action as soon as possible when it comes to dealing with psoriasis because this is a condition which can easily be brought under control if you know exactly what you are doing. Whilst it is a chronic condition that can last you for the rest of your life, many people will find that their symptoms appear once every couple of months, if not longer, when they learn to work out what their triggers are. It is worth noting that is not a complete list of triggers above. What may have an impact on one person may not necessarily have an impact on somebody else. You will quickly learn what will impact you though. For more information on what causes psoriasis please watch this video:

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