Discover All Natural Psoriasis Home Remedies That Work!

All natural way to teat psoriasis with aloe vera | Get rid of psoriasis the natural wayPsoriasis is sadly not a condition which you will be able to cure. However, it is a condition which you can ‘treat’. By treat I mean that with the right psoriasis home remedies you will be able to keep the condition at bay. It may still pop up from time to time but if you know what you are doing then there is an absolutely fantastic chance that you will be able to keep the symptoms not noticeable.

Now, if you are dealing with psoriasis then I always suggest that you visit your doctor first. However, you probably are not going to be using the treatments that they prescribe unless you are suffering from a particular severe outbreak. Most cases of psoriasis can be treated naturally. On this page I want to talk to you a little bit about how to treat psoriasis naturally. The techniques on this page will be applicable to all types of psoriasis.

100% Natural and Easy to Follow Psoriasis Home Remedies

Daily Baths

If you talk to a dermatologist then they will probably tell you that a hot bath is one of the worst possible things that you can do for your skin if you are suffering from an outbreak of psoriasis. I agree with them. Hot water can be incredibly damaging to your skin. However, this does not mean that you should not be bathing. In fact, you should be doing it every single day. However, instead of hot water you are going to want to be using lukewarm water. Yes, it will most likely take a bit of getting used too. However, this is without a doubt one of these ways that you can go about how to treat psoriasis naturally. It is important that you do not put any chemicals in the bath. This means that those bubble baths are out of the question. Instead you should be using things such as milk, mineral oil, Epsom Salt or even a bit of Olive Oil. All of these are known to work wonders on the skin if you are suffering for Psoriasis. In fact, they work so well that a couple of minutes in the bath will take away that itching for a good while. It will also loosen up the scales a bit so that they disappear quickly.

Purchase a Humidifier

Let’s stay on the subject of keeping your skin moisturized for this one. As you may know, psoriasis is formed of dead skin cells. Truth be told, nobody knows what actually leads to psoriasis (hence why no treatments are available). However, it is known that stopping that skin from getting dry is incredibly important. Most of us work and live in incredibly dry environments. This is not good for your skin. Now, if you want to treat psoriasis you are going to need to make sure that the environment you are in at all times is humid. This means that you should be purchasing a humidifier. You can either purchase a large unit to go in your home or just a portable unit will do. You just need to get a bit of moisture into that air. It will do you a world of good.


Keeping your skin moisturized is one of the main psoriasis home remediesAs soon as you hop out of that bath it is time to moisturize. You will want to do this before you have even dried your body off. In my opinion, when it comes to psoriasis home remedies you are going to want to go down the route of oil-based moisturizers. These tend to work a lot better on this condition than those that are lotion or gel based. They also contain far fewer chemicals which can of course agitate the condition if you are not careful.

By moisturizing you will be ‘sealing’ that moisture into your skin and it is going to have a much easier time keeping itself lubricated. This should hopefully stop the psoriasis from posing too much of a problem. One point to note here though; if you believe that the psoriasis is getting worse then you should stop using whatever moisturizer you are using. You should instead get in touch with your doctor who will be able to suggest something which will be able to help you out.

Aloe Vera

If you have a health store near you then I seriously suggest that you pick up some pure Aloe Vera (do not get any compound of it). Many people regard this as one of the best psoriasis home remedies when it comes to how to treat psoriasis. To use this treatment you will want to mix some Aloe Vera up with an equal part of water. Many people don’t do this. They use the Aloe Vera straight. However, you have to realize that this plant extract is incredibly expensive. It is just as potent if you mix it up with water. You will then want to dab the Aloe Vera directly onto the psoriasis before you sleep at night. When you wake up the scales should hopefully have loosened up a little. In fact, in most cases they will have loosened up a lot or even disappear. You can then wash the Aloe Vera out with your favourite shampoo.

Olive Oil

You should be using Olive Oil in much the same way as Aloe Vera. The job of the Olive Oil is slightly different though. Olive Oil will start to form a sort of ‘seal’ over the Psoriasis. This will help to lock all of that moisture and nutrients inside. This should hopefully allow your skin to deal with the problem from the inside. I suggest that you use both an Olive Oil and Aloe Vera treatment. You can put the Olive Oil on your body when you get home from work. It should be in place for a good few hours. You can then wash it off and apply the Aloe Vera before you sleep. Many people claim that this treatment works absolute wonders. In fact, in some cases even the most serious outbreaks of Psoriasis have been sorted out within a couple of days. Make sure that you purchase the best quality olive oil that you can afford. Obviously this is something that you should be able to pick up from almost every supermarket.

Cover up at night

You should not leave your psoriasis exposed as you sleep at night. There is a good chance that you could wake up with psoriasis that looks a whole lot worse. You do not need to do much here. You could probably get away with just laying a loose piece of cloth over the problem. In fact, in the case of scalp psoriasis you may even want to wear a hat. Just do something which you are comfortable with. You just have to make sure that your body is not too exposed.

Expose yourself to Sunlight

how to treat psoriasis naturally with reasonable sun exposureIf you are suffering from Psoriasis then I get how tempting it can be to want to lock yourself inside and not come out until your outbreak has cleared up. However, did you know that by doing this you are actually making things a whole lot worse for yourself? Your skin needs the sunlight to function properly. It spurs on the generation of essential vitamins which you will struggle to get anywhere else.

Avoiding the sunlight is going to be especially damaging. You should go out once in a while. It is important that the psoriasis is not exposed directly to the sunlight though. This is going to make the condition a lot worse. Just cover up and go for a walk. You do not need to be out there for too long. Thirty minutes a day is more than enough to help most people deal with their condition.

Avoid Dyes, Perfumes and other Chemicals

There are certain things that you are going to need to avoid touching your skin if you are suffering from an outbreak of Psoriasis. In fact, even if your Psoriasis is being held at bay for a while there are still a few things that you are going to need to avoid. This is because they can be damaging to your skin. There is honestly nothing worse than man-made chemicals. Most lotions, moisturizers and even shampoos will damage your skin and make the psoriasis worse. You need to avoid them. In addition to this you are going to want to avoid things which contain dye (hair dye being one) and you especially need to avoid perfumes. All of these could make the problem a whole lot worse for you.

Dietary Supplements

Your body is going to do a pretty good job at attempting to fight off the psoriasis on its own. However, due to the nature of the condition it means that the skin is slightly weakened so try as it might it will not be able to fight it off. Thankfully, you can give your body a nice little boost by way of dietary supplements. There are many supplements on the market which are going to be beneficial to your skin. You should talk to your local health store about the following:

  • Fish Oil (you should also just try to introduce more Omega-3 into your diet)
  • Vitamin D
  • Milk Thistle
  • Evening Primrose Oil

Eliminating Red Meat, Fatty Foods and Sugar

Eliminating red meat, fatty foods and sugar is the answer to home remedies for psoriasisMany people find that eliminating bad foods from their diet really helps to keep the psoriasis at bay. One thing that seems to be particularly effective is cutting back on the fatty foods and sugar. If you can do that then you are not going to be doing too much damage to your skin.

Try to cook healthy meals once in a while and avoid that processed stuff. It will do you a world of good. If you are looking into psoriasis home remedies then you may also want to know that red meat is bad for your skin. Avoid it. You can eat things like chicken. However, red meat is just going to be as bad as those processed foods and if you can give it a skip then really do (this means avoiding your favorite takeaways!)

Elimination of Triggers

Psoriasis is one of those conditions which often crops up as the result of certain triggers. These triggers are different from everybody. For example, one person may worse their psoriasis as a result of smoking too much whilst another may find that stress or even alcohol causes the condition to get out of control. I am sure that you have various triggers. It is up to you to determine what ‘sets off’ of the psoriasis and try to avoid it. I mean, there are some things that you will sadly be unable to avoid (you will see what I mean soon) however, if you can avoid a good bulk of it then this will be the best way when it comes to psoriasis home remedies because you see, if you eliminate triggers then that psoriasis will hopefully never appear. Here are a few common triggers:

  • Smoking
  • Stress
  • Infections on the skin.
  • Injuries to the skin
  • Too much exposure to the sun.
  • Drinking coffee or alcohol

All of these things will make the psoriasis worse if you are currently going through an outbreak and thus each and every one of them is best avoided.

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Of course, this is a very brief guide on how to treat psoriasis naturally. Hopefully it has been useful though. I promise you, if you use a good combination of these techniques you will probably notice that the symptoms start to subside rather quickly. In fact, if you use a few of these techniques then you may quell that outbreak before it even poses a problem. As I said at the start though, you should always visit a doctor to get advice. Most doctors will advocate going down the natural treatment route to begin with. However, it will be ideal for them to inspect your symptoms to start with. This way they will be able to make suggestions about what psoriasis home remedies you should be trying to do.